The Adventures of Snowy The Dog From Africa

Snowy's Limited Edition Book Is Available Now!

This is the true story of Snowy, the dog from Africa. Born in 1998, Snowy grew up in Tema, a small village by the sea in Ghana, West Africa. In 2000, Snowy moved to California and in the spring of 2009 Snowy settled in Hawaii where he lives today by the ocean. From the sands of the North Shore to the peaks of Diamond Head, find Snowy in his first book as he treks across the island of Oahu. If given the chance to meet him, you may also find that to know Snowy is to love him.

Wheres Snowy Reader Feedback

Snowy Book Reader Feedback

"Snowy is the best book ever. I read it 8 times already!" - Trinity, 6 years old, Hawaii